Thought of the Day

I have absolutely no problem with Christianity or Buddhism. Nor do I have any problem with Hinduism or Islam nor any other religion at that. However, I am often triggered, and also personally offended, when people force their personal belief unto other people. I have encountered a lot of people in social medias who put great faith to their religions, but they become very insistent that their religion is the correct path to follow, and therefore people who doesn’t believe the same belief as them are without question, wrong. You all are already familiar with the direct jabs towards religions, but there are subtle jabs that annoys me as much, or even more, than the direct jabs. There is one post, where a Christian actor posted a selfie, and in the comment section, some people were saying things like “I hope someday he repents and go to the right path which is ____”. Technically it is not a direct insult to the religion, but it is also implies that that specific religion is wrong, which to me is an extremely insulting and self righteous thing to say. The same goes for Christians though; judgements like that are made by many people from all religion. This applies to more than those with religion; this also applies to Atheist. Some Atheists claim that religion is a propaganda and religion makes people force their beliefs unto others, and many Atheists seem to have this certain degree of self righteousness and believe that they are smarter than most people because they don’t believe in all the religious “mumbo jumbo”. They claim that the religious people are idiots and that religion are forced unto people. But at the same time, some Atheists also chastise those who have religions and say that having religion is similar to believing in Santa Claus and myths. Some of them blogs about how religions are built on lies, how Islam is a religion that justifies violence and inequality against woman, how the concept of grace in Christianity is unfair and stupid, and how all higher beings don’t exist. Let me ask you all a question, how in the world is that not a propaganda? Atheists complain that people with religious beliefs dictate their children to believe the same thing, but ask this to yourselves, if YOU have children, what would you make your children believe? I believe that Atheists would also subconsciously lean towards teaching their kids why religions are make believes and wrong. Why do Atheists need to tell religious people that their beliefs are wrong anyway? There is absolutely nothing wrong in believing in a higher being. What is there to lose from believing? Freedom? Isn’t it up to people what they choose? If they want to be “dictated” by their religion, then so be it. To some, their religion actually empowers them, gives them hope, or help the overcome their problems. Chastising other people for believing the things they believe is absolutely wrong, and this applies to everyone, not only Atheists. Some people actually believe that sharing about their religion also includes belittling other religion. People have rights to choose whatever they want to believe, and NO ONE in this world have the right to tell them what is wrong or not. Even if you are sure that what you believe is correct, you still have ZERO right to tell people what to believe. Spreading your beliefs is completely fine, but if you have to criticize other religion to do it, then there is no doubt that you are doing it the wrong way.

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This blog will not have structured essays nor beautiful literature. This is simply a medium for me to pour my thoughts about religion, the world, and everything in between. Follow for thoughts and new ideas.